Saturday, June 18, 2011

change of tact

I've had this blog now for 2 years, and its gone through little change since then, to be honest i've never given it much thought. i alway's thought of 'blogging' as something writers do, and since i worked in illustration (or at was beginning to) it didn't feel right to have a word heavy blog, when what i wanted people to see was my artwork. obviously the correct thing to do is to have a dedicated website, and although its simply something i haven't (but soon will have ) gotten round to, i like blogs! i read them every day, like the morning newspaper, every day i sit in front of my screen with a coffee and a sandwich and i read seven or eight different articles, and i most of all i love the ones that relate to me. the only problem is illustrators generally don't write about there work very often, but when they do its refreshing to hear about someone's process. i'm not announcing that i'm becoming a blogger/writer, but at least for the next few months i will attempt to keep an open diary on this page, with updates, step by steps insights and whatever else i can fill it with on a daily basis, all the things i appreciate getting from the blogs i read, which incidentally are as follows:

all these blogs i read every day, they're written by people who really love what they do and genuinely care about the content they post, its difficult not to feel inspired when you can so easily tap into like minded people doing what they're great at every single day.
i look forward to posting more regularly, and less carefully,

all the best,

your pal,

mr steve mccarthy

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