Sunday, July 3, 2011

children's book illustrations

These are some samples from a book of nursery rhymes i have just completed with O'Brien press. the book has been a lot of fun, and a very steep learning curve, i can't wait to see how the finished the product looks. the work was done very quickly so i had no time to second guess myself or doubt my choices, which turned out to be the best thing for me, i've been 'working' on books of my own my whole life, but there's no way to create an artificial deadline when the work is your own, i think i've now realized that my goal is to get a publisher excited enough about my own project so that i will have no choice but to deliver.

I think i've moved on from my old instinct of squirreling away in the dead of night for months on end in the hope that when you DO resurface everybody will take notice. I've always heard that every-time you share an idea you sap a little momentum from it, i still think thats true, but i think its important to share your excitement with everyone you can, so your own excitement snowballs until hopefully you end up hurtling towards an idea finally being realized.

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