Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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cleaning up my bedroom today i stumbled on an old notebook, in it was a note to myself that read "listen to more philip glass". like any hand written note it brings with it a whole lot more than just words, you get the memory with it. it contained a whole set of detailed instructions that only with the clarity of time, i could properly make sense of. "listen to more philip glass" was written in carefully illustrated hand drawn type, it was maybe the first day i realised hand written type was a kind of direction change for me, and i'm still sort of exploring it, but it was around that day that it became a... thing! also there was the day that was in it, it was a pretty shit day, i don't remember the details, all i remember was it was also the first time i listened to philip glass, and i felt a lot better. i could tell you why, or what it is in philip glasses music that i find so fascinating and inspiring, but i wont. i'd rather you listened to more philip glass.


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Skinny Gorilla said...

Thanks for the advice!
Feelin better already!

Skinny Gorilla