Friday, November 11, 2011

adam, joe & jarvis

By now most people who know me, know i'm a big fan of bbc6 and especially the adam and joe show and jarvis cockers sunday service. their shows got me through a lot of long hours piecing together my first childrens book sally go round the stars (which is now up for a childrens book of the year award! whoop!) as my way of saying thanks for all the inspiration, i went and snuck them in the book. here's the proof. and if you'd be so kind, please vote for sally HERE

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Mick Minogue said...

Did you send It to them??? The book that Is out all the other pages keeping just the one they are on, dont even bother with the front of the bus. Its an amazing plot so that they will have to buy another copy to view the rest of the book hoping they are on more pages. Yes....YESSSSSS.YESSSSASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!