Saturday, November 19, 2011

this is a little embarrassing but well, i had put together a playlist for halloween, i'd even written a poem! but things got a little busy and it never got posted, and it was even number 6 (66)! and i guess i skipped it because i didn't have enough time to do it properly... thats been a snag in a lot of things i've done lately, i tend to lose interest in finishing something when i realise its not going to be as good as i hoped, and in this case it wasn't even that, it was just simply i wanted to do a great illustration, and i just ran out of time! so in the interests of continuity i'm posting the HALLOWEEN edition of LOOKIT 666.

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i haven't done a cover, but in the spirit of halloween i invite to explore the incredible "MARGOTS ROOM" by emily carroll -

I'm a big fan of Emilys work, i think she creates an incredible atmosphere in her comics, margots room is such a subtle story, but still gave me the heeby jeebys. cleverly the comic updated each week during october, new episodes were found by clicking objects within the image of margots room. i'm kind of cheating by posting each part, but i really hope the upside of this, is that you take the time to check it out, and get totally creeped out.

margots room 

PART 1 (the flowers)

PART 2 (the doll)

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