Friday, April 13, 2012

LOOKIT 9 last youtube playlist

STOP THE PRESSES! this will be the last youtube playlist that i share publicly, this is the 9th in the series, and i thought i'd round it off at 10, but to be honest, the ads are so fucking irritating i thought i might as well cut it off early. i chose to make playlists on youtube for a number of reasons and i'm really pissed i can't continue. the music on youtube was there, free and in my opinion legal. music could be streamed, shared and spread as if it was word of mouth, the artist was not paid, but there material in most cases wasn't being downloaded or or resold. there were plenty of flaws, bad quality, you couldn't bring it with you, but for the most part i thought it was really fair. i'm not a DJ, i love playing music, digging for new and old stuff i've never heard of, but i can't mix, i can't play to a crowd of strangers with any degree of control, i'm just enthusiastic about music, but regardless of whether i do that one day (i wish!), i still wanted to take part, because music pretty much drives everything i do. with something as silly and throw away as web based playlists anybody could make one, share them and spread great music and be a part of it, just the same way you would with tapes, taping off the radio. thats what youtube was to me, taping off the radio. with podcasts and mixes i felt there was plenty of great stuff out there, and i didn't see where i could add anything interesting. i will definitely re-visit this, and i will find someway to crowbar music into everything i do. PLAYLIST

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