Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Career Zoo piece for Atomic

I was asked by creative agency ATOMIC, to illustrate a crowd scene for the Career Zoo event at Dublin convention center. the deadline was quite short, and i had never done a crowd scene this dense before, so it was quite tricky. there is roughly 100 characters and it was delivered in just under two weeks. what's funny is you don't really understand what an illustration needs till you've completed it, so sometimes it's difficult to predict what will be a challenge or not. with this done i reckon i could do it again much faster, but i'll just put that down to experience. the plan was to cut the letters of CAREER ZOO into the illustration, like a little window into the convention. i haven't seen the finished execution around the city yet, but they should be out there somewhere. if you spot it, maybe send me a photo :D

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