Wednesday, January 25, 2012


LOOKIT is a series of short playlists put together while i work, of whatever music i'm fond of at the time, hope you like it .

Hey so i'm in australia... but don't worry i'm coming back, and i'm gonna hit the ground running, and you are too, yeah smart ass i'm looking at you, see i've seen how they do things in melbourne and its good, its really good. and i love it as much as i hate it, cause i'm not quite ready to give up on dublin...  see that was the idea, move to melbourne. i left my home, my studio, my friends for a holiday... you generally don't move out of home and business for a holiday, and i'm not saying it was part of a big plan to sneakily emigrate when nobody was looking, but me and my missus decided we needed to feel like we were leaving, and then we could decide if we really WERE leaving, for good. but we're not. emigration turned into a 3 month summer vacation, and now as i see my inevitable return in march i realise why coming home makes more sense than staying home. when i worked from home, 3 feet from my bed, every morning i would get up, leave the house and PAY for breakfast in a cafe like i didn't have a kitchen, then return home and work. i just had to leave so i felt like i was going somewhere, you should too.

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