Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I made a conscious effort to avoid anything new in this playlist, instead i tried to keep to a common thread. putting music together like this helps me get my head in the right place for stuff i'm working on. it gives me something to do that lets me get away from what i'm doing, while still helping to inform it. and sometimes a get kinda wrapped up in new stuff, and i forget about trying to get a continuous tone or theme. i think i sort of avoided doing that before, themes that is. but i think i'll try and focus more in future. the way it works out for me is, all this music has a mood and narrative that conjures up the look i'm trying to get in the piece i'm working on right now. proactive procrastination i guess. included are two, "originals" taj mahal was nicked by rod stewart for "da ya think i'm sexy" jorge ben the guy who really wrote it brought a lawsuit against him, and won! he then demanded that ALL proceeds from rods song be given to unicef, which he did, and has continued to this day! now metronomy may or may not have borrowed from pulps "feeling called love" but if they did, i wonder would they own up?
the subject of "borrowing" came up this week, and i wondered IF i really thought i could build on someone elses work, would i own up?*

*no i bloody well wouldn't

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